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Access requirements


For this fully accredited course you require no previous experience or relevant qualifications. There is a considerable amount of written work that must be completed and if you think that you may find this difficult, extra help or support can be provided.

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Our fully comprehensive 4-day Botox & fillers course will leave you feeling extremely confident working on clients and give you in depth information on all aspects on Botox & fillers.

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This fast and effective treatment has become super popular amongst clients with busy lives. Our bespoke in classroom course will cover all you need to know about offering this popular treatment in salons and clinics. Unlike oral supplements that are often destroyed by the stomach acid before absorption, this method injects straight into the blood stream, making it work quickly and effectively.

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Fast becoming the go to facial treatments for fast anti-ageing and more hydrated skin, these amazing skin boosters are a combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids to boost the skins natural functions. We work with Profhilo, Sunekos and Jalupro, which are the best on the market.

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Fast becoming one of the aesthetic worlds go to treatments for weight loss and body contouring, fat dissolve injections are extremely sort after by clients. Lypolab is one of the leading brands on the market and a pain-free treatment with minimal downtime, ensuring clients are left satisfied.

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Intravenous (IV) Vitamin infusion drips are nutritional boosters which have a wide range of benefits. There is a growing demand for these boosters in the UK cosmetic industry. Clients are looking for that new treatment to increase and boost their lifestyles. Through IV Vitamin Infusion training, you will be delivering the vitamin infusions directly into the bloodstream, therefore maximising the effects of the vitamins.


When ingested most vitamins deteriorate before being absorbed into the blood stream, where as direct delivery into the bloodstream is more effective.


Some of the current available vitamin and mineral

‘cocktails’ include:


Energy Boosters

Improved athletic performance

General well-being

Immune boosters


Fat burning

Increased libido


All products and training have been designed to the highest standard. Therefore, ensuring you are delivering the gold-standard of treatments to your clients.

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Why not add one of the most popular facial treatments now offered in the beauty industry to your services? Our Dermaplaning course is fully comprehensive and certified, ensuring you will feel confident and be insurable on completion of the course.

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This course combines two of our most popular lash and brow treatment courses, enabling you to offer more to your clients. It’s all about big, bold, brows and lashes now and with this tinting & shaping course it will allow you to offer your clients a beauty treatment that is in high demand. During this beauty course you will learn how to shape eyebrows using the correct measuring technique. You will also learn how to tint eyelashes and brows using a range of tint colours.

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Individual eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry today. Our one day individual eyelash extensions course will enable you to offer an extremely profitable service to your clients. Our lash extension course combines essential lash theory with fine practical application. You will receive excellent tutor knowledge and experience to aid you in developing your skills. Additionally, we offer business information to help you become a successful eyelash extension technician. You will learn how to create the perfect lash application to suit your clients individual eye shape and needs.


Also, we will show you how to ensure you are always applying lashes correct to minimise damage to clients natural lashes. This Individual Eyelash Extensions course will cover: Pre-treatment preparation Lash Equipment, Product and Tools Selecting Lashes to suit clients expectations Full application of individual lash services Aftercare Advice and Maintenance These individual eyelashes come in an array of sizes, curls and thicknesses, allowing you to fully tailor make your clients lash services.

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Gives the appearance of fine hair like strokes and is ideal for those with sparse or no eyebrows.

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Lip blush is a type of semi-permanent makeup that adds a wash of color to your lips and helps define your lip shape for years. Think: natural-looking lipstick 24/7, but without the mess.

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